Portfolio Review

You can think of a Portfolio Review like taking your car into your trusted local auto mechanic or dealer for a check-up. You’re asking him to look at everything under the hood and tell you if everything is okay or if there are some things that might need fixing, like you might do if you were planning a long cross-country driving trip.

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How Your Free Portfolio Review Works:

What we do, over the phone or in person, is ask you some questions about your investments, what you have currently, what your work and retirement plans & goals are down the road, and what your willingness is to stick with certain investments during ‘market corrections’ or down times versus ‘getting out’ or making changes when corrections occur.

This gives me what we call your “Risk Tolerance” or risk number and with that, we compare what your money is currently invested in, in your portfolio.  The analysis then gives me, what you could call a “Goldilocks” report of whether your investments have too much risk, too little risk, or are ‘just right’, based on your Risk Tolerance.

If your investments are in line with your Risk Tolerance and your investment & retirement plans, I tell you that and you can rest assured your money is working well for you with just the right amount of risk.  If there are areas where you should take less risk or more risk, I’ll let you know that too.  Either way the analysis, our report & my advice is free.

To get started, call Sara Beth Heck at the office at 704-552-8689

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