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About Us

The firm was started over 30 years ago by our Managing Director, Ed Newton. Building on his experience as a CPA, he started with only a handful of individual clients. By focusing on his Core Values (Excellence, Trust, Focus, and Collaboration), Ed grew the firm to include clients in 18 states.

In the late-70s, Ed decided to use his passion for flying to pursue a career as an airline pilot. In five and a half years, Ed went from his first lesson to being a Captain at a major airline. During this time, Ed maintained a small but thriving firm. In order to accommodate both careers, Ed moved the firm to Charlotte, NC in 1986. This proved to be a fortuitous move as the Charlotte area was in the midst of an unprecedented period of growth.

Due to the trust clients placed in him, Ed was able to maintain flourishing client relationships. Through the firm’s goal of excellence in working with clients, the firm continued to grow at a rapid pace, necessitating additional staff members.

Ed took advantage of his seniority and began flying only international trips, exclusively on the weekends, to places like London, Rome, and Frankfurt. This enabled him to focus on providing quality service to his clients, which resulted in the firm continuing to increase its growth rate.

In 2011, Ed joined forces with Archer Investment Corporation in order to provide his clients with professional portfolio management and access to additional wealth management tools.

After 34 years of flying around the world, Ed hung up his Captain’s hat in early 2016. The memories, friends, and clients gained over these years paved the way for the perfect transition to the next phase of the firm.

Newton Wealth Management is positioned to provide its clients with professional service and value.

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