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Podcast Episode 11: Post-election 2020 Strategies for Success

By November 12, 2020Podcast

Now that the 2020 elections are fading into the rearview mirror, what do smart investors need to be thinking about?
With all of the lingering uncertainty, it can feel like making a plan is almost like throwing darts.

In this special post-election episode, Ed offers insights for maximizing personal assets in this tumultuous time. Ed also shares tips to help adapt your portfolio for possible future scenarios with the CARES Act and the presidency. And as always, Ed draws on his 30+ years of financial expertise to offer historical context for the present and future direction of economy.

Get some peace of mind in episode 11 of the Money Management Podcast.



“Our goal at Newton Wealth Management is to help clients achieve and maintain a worry-free retirement.”

– Ed Newton


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